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1. 使用馬桶專用通渠器


2. 使用管道彎頭夾


3. 使用化學疏通劑


4. 拆卸馬桶排水彎頭


5. 尋求專業幫助




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How to dredge the sewer pipe 54485818

Add plumbing agent. If there is no water in the sewer, please add half a cup of water. At this time, the pipeline is boiling. After about 20 minutes, rinse with plenty of water.54485818

To remove blockages in the bathtub drain, use a hand-cranked spiral wire and push it down into the floor drain until it feels like a foreign object. Then shake it gently and pull it out. Clogged hair and other stains will spin. .. Solved the problem with spiral steel wire. very convenient. This is convenient if the bathtub drain is not covered.

  1. Put the caustic soda into the mouth of the sewer and pour boiling water. This is not a thermos, but a large hot water.
  2. If the water does not drain after being poured into the water or passed through with an iron rod, the iron rod should not be used because it will penetrate the corroded canal. .. You can also use thick rattan. The rattan head can be nailed with 10″ and 8″ long iron nails. Loosen the crumbs, pour into a strong alkaline solution, and pressurize while stretching, rotating and stirring. Please pull out the cane. , If you continue multiple times, it will be very effective. In addition to thick rattan, you can also buy floor drains from hardware stores to get better results. The salt, white vinegar and straws used by ordinary people are ineffective.

Stop animal oil: If it is oily, it is recommended to use boiling water to make it pass. Of course, if you can buy concentrated sulfuric acid, it would be better. If a blockage occurs, only the special tools listed on the second floor can be used to clean the pipe.

  1. Go to the shopping mall and buy professional powder for pipe cleaning. The ingredients are like lime powder.54485818
  2. If the sewer is made of a new type of PVC material, you can first use a vacuum pump to suck water, and then pour concentrated vinegar or caustic soda water. You can use industrial vinegar and industrial alkali, but don’t use them. Can only be used in combination. If you don’t know, or it must be an old-fashioned iron pipe, you can only try it with edible vinegar-grade weak acid. The above method. After these requirements are met, the effect will take effect in about 3 hours, but if there is no response, only a professional team will be found to force the removal. It’s okay like Eunho

Add small yellow worms or irritating detergent powder or salt and other irritants, then close the lid, and the drain pipe will pass through immediately!

  • The green way to clean the sewer: pour 1 cup of detergent into the clogged sewer, and then pour 3 cups of hot water. If this does not clean the sewer, please pour another cup of vinegar.

Go to the market and spend quick money to buy a 2-meter-long spring steel wire dredging tool, which is 10-20 degrees overhead and 1-2 cm higher, to dredge back and forth between the entrance and exit of the sewer, and use it with water. rinse.